Q1 How do I place an order?

     1 :  Register or Log in to onthestreetshop.com    

     2 :  Searching for your favorite products at onthestreetshop.com and then add in to your shopping cart  

     3 :  Writing your shipping address and confirm the order

     4 :  Selecting the payment method, and make payment

     5 :  You will receive an email after payment confirmed and your order will be processing 

    6 :  You can trace your order status and shipping information in order tracking system

    7 :  We welcome you to leave feedback at the website after you received the products

Q2 How do I apply Discount Code?

    1 :  Register or Log in to onthestreetshop.com    

     2 :  Searching for your favorite products at onthestreetshop.com and then add in to your shopping cart   

    3 :  Proceed to "View Cart" before to check out section

     4 :  Enter the Discount Coupons code and price will be deducted automatically by system


Q3  Can I changed my online order after placed it?

Unfortunately, once you've placed your order, it is not possible to amend any details, as our purchaser team will have already started processing your order!

Q4  How do i track my order?

You can track your orders in order tracking system and you will also receive emails for your order status.

Q5  How can I pay for my online purchases?

You can pay by PAYPAL or Internet Account Transferred for Malaysia & Singapore only.

Jewelry Care FAQ

Q6  Can I shower with my On The Street jewelry on?

Always remove jewelry when washing hands, showering, or swimming. Moisture can cause stones to dull and become loose.

Q7  Does the jewelry tarnish or ever change colors?

The jewelry will keep its color and shine for years to come if you follow these tips. Avoid spraying or applying any alcohol or oil-based products such as; perfume, hairspray, body lotions, cleansers or hair grooming products on or near the jewelry including hair accessory pieces. The alcohol or oil content will cause Lucite beads to crack, will dull the finish and loosen the crystals, and cause metal parts to discolor or tarnish. Never expose jewelry or hair accessory pieces to extreme heat or direct sunlight over long periods of time as this can cause colors to fade. It is best to keep your pieces stored in airtight bags as being exposed to open air for long periods of time can also cause your pieces to tarnish or lose color quicker.

Q8  How can I clean my metal jewelry?

To clean your jewelry and other metal accessories use a dry soft cloth. Never submerge in cleaning solution or water.

Q9  How can I clean 925 silver at home?

Besides use polishing cloth to remove tarnish, you can make or find your own economically- friendly silver cleaner using ingredients from your home.

Olive oil and lemon juice: Mix 1/2 cup lemon juice with 1 tsp. olive oil in a bowl large enough to hold the cleaning solution and a small microfiber cloth. Dip the cloth in the solution and wring it out so that it doesn’t drip, then polish the silver, rinse, and dry.

Fluoride toothpaste, with its mild cleaning agents and gentle abrasives, is an effective single-ingredient cleaner for polishing silver .Apply the toothpaste to silver and rub with a clean cloth. Run the silver piece or pieces under running warm water, and dry with a clean cloth. The silver will show immediate improvement (This method is not recommend to do often)

If your pieces are heavily tarnished and you don’t have the time to clean them, you are suggested take them to a professional silver cleaner.

Q10  Need for further help?

Our team is always working to improve your experience with online shopping; we would love to hear your feedback and ideas from placing your order to receiving what might be your first On The Street box. 

We are also here to provide you with assistance in all aspects of your shopping experience. So feel free to email us or chat with us via “Wechat".

Email : customercare@onthestreetshop.com
Wechat : onthestreetshop  *only for message