Welcome to On The Street

It all started in 2014 when On The Street began the jewelry business. Our boutique-style jewelry and accessories line is stylish, playful and mix and match style for all girls who like free street style. On The Street also began offering a number of jewelry and accessories wholesale to many retail shops in Malaysia on 2015. In a year’s time, On The Street started co partnership with Korea wholesale groups and expand our business with more than hundreds style of women’s clothing, bags, jewelry and accessories to all the fashion lovers. Simultaneously, fashion lovers can buy now prevalent Korean fashion merchandise at the best price in the market without going out.

Our mission

To create a guilty pleasure that fashionistas fall in love with our mix and match style over and over again! With our gorgeous items, affordable prices and amazing customer service, we’ll make all the people around you say OH MY GOODNESS, this is On The Street.

To inspire you to explore and feel awesome on your own style and strengthen you to be good in everything you do. Other than that, you all can attract people who have different style from all of the world to become your fashion fans.